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What is Your Financial Advisor’s Net Worth?

Potential clients rarely ask me about my own financial situation.  This has always surprised me.  During the initial due diligence process, I ask them very detailed questions about their goals, assets, income, liabilities, etc.  I’m sure they would feel a … Continue reading

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Investing in 2014

My inner contrarian investor gets nervous when I begin to see such optimism about investment markets, and I’ve certainly noticed a positive change in investor sentiment lately.  A year ago in early 2013, clients and prospective clients were still voicing … Continue reading

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Which Political Party Has Been Best for Stocks?

The answer might surprise you…it surprised me.  This chart came from an e-mail to me from Oppenheimer as part of a larger article.  Interestingly, stocks have performed poorly under a Republican president with a Republican Congress.  Political stalemates appear to … Continue reading

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